Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Chaco Canyon

This one was my first try at a different pattern...done in "L" shaped chunks of stone colors...sand, tans, grays, dark brown.  Called "Chaco" because it reminded me of the ruins there. 36" x 23"  One similar to this same size would be about $46.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

River Mesa

Oval pattern done in maroons, blues, grays, greens and a touch of mesa colors. Just the right accent in a rustic decor.  20" x 43" $46.

Random Mesa Thick

This one's nice and thick and heavy done in 1.5 inch strips in a random color pattern that would fit any decor.  20" x 46"  $60

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Seashore Ridged

This one was a custom ordered ridged rectangle rug for a bathroom. Not for sale.  Color scheme of chocolate, tans, beige, ivory and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.    33" x 21".  Price for a similar one would be $42.

Small rug in same color scheme.  Price about $25.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Long Landscape

This one I designed to go in front of a couch and to match the color scheme of a painting and is not for sale. I could do one similar to it.  It is approximately 58" x 21" and would be priced at about $66 depending on customization.  This color scheme is chocolate, tan, sandstone, sky blue, forest green, grays.

Random Ridges

This is a collection of rugs done in random colors that would go with any color scheme--browns, greens, blues, tans, gold, mauve, gray, etc.  They are done in "ridges" which makes them extra "cushy"--great for bathrooms.

Random Ridge Horizon~~30" x 22".  The ridges are horizontal on the long side.  Regular price=$36.  Irregular price for this one is only $27!

Random Ridge Forest~~ 32" x 23", Regular price=$40, Irregular price for this one is only $31.

Random Ridge Shadow~~ 34" x 26", Regular price=$48, Irregular price is only $38.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Chocolate Rim

Chocolate Rim--36" x 22", blend of mesa colors, gold, vermilion, cream, sandstone.  Regular price=$44, specially priced at $39.

Red Rock Mesa

Red Rock Mesa- Earth colors surrounding a center piece of "red rock" color.  41" x 22".  Regular price=$50.  Reduced to $40, irregular.

Blue Mesa

Blue, green, tan color scheme.  41" x 25".  Regular price=$56.  Reduced to $48, irregular edge.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Southwest Sage Ridge

Oval with the center done in cushy ridges of rock colors, then layered in sage greens and red rock colors, edged in chocolately brown.  41" x 22". Irregular, bargain priced, originally  $46, now only $38.

Rock Ridges

This particular one is not for sale.  A "cushy" ridged rug to stand on in bare or stocking feet for kitchen work.  The color scheme is Rock colors of golds, tans, browns, charcoal, greys, creams.  This one is 45" x 31" rectangular shape.  You can order one like this for $65. Or choose your size and have one custom made larger or smaller.  Customized color scheme add $10.  Allow 4 weeks for creation.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Grand Staircase Rug

Rug or wall hanging~~Original design~~
One of a kind hand crafted art work
Features a representation of the five
Major stairs of the Grand Staircase
geological formation encompassing
A good deal of southern Utah and
northern Arizona.
Chocolate~~~includes the Toroweap
Formation on the north rim of the
Grand canyon
Vermilion ~~~includes the vermilion
cliffs in northern Arizona
White~~~includes the Great White
Throne in Zion National Park and White Cliffs near Kanab.
Gray ~~~includes the mancos shale Badlands near the Henry mountains
Pink~~~includes Bryce Canyon and Cedar Breaks. If you drive through Red Canyon near Bryce, you will see the Pink Cliffs which are actually Orange...go figure.

Prices are described in the column to the right for a patterned rug. 6 cents per square inch.