Rug Making Hints

My “Rag” rugs are made with a  Single Crochet.  Yes, it sounds simple.  The difficult part comes in keeping the rows even and getting the tension right.  It takes a bit of practice.  Believe me, I have unraveled many a rug. You have many options as far as shape--rectangle, square, circle, oval, heart. 
The fabric strips are joined by cutting small slits in the ends of the strips and joining with a slip knot. 

 Begin all rugs with a chain stitch.
(How to do the chain stitch to begin the rug
 This shows with yarn, but the basics are the same. Keep the chain stitches fairly loose.)
  Chain as long as you desire for the width of the rug.  If you need a certain sized rug and don’t know how to start it, let me know and I will help you. 

  I usually use a K hook.  J works well too, just don’t change hook sizes in the middle of a rug.  For 1 ½” strips, use an “N” hook.

  Tear or Cut fabric into 1 inch strips. (wider up to 1 ½ “ will give obviously give you a thicker rug).  I use sheets. Good ones can be found reasonably if you haunt the thrift stores. Savers is a good one, watch for their ½ off colors. Salvation Army is another good one. (Our local thrift store in Pinedale, Wyoming has all sheets for $1 each.  Can't beat that.)  Almost any color will do.  You can dye them.  Get a queen size sheet for a couple of dollars. Any size sheet will do--flat or fitted.   (I like to make pillow cases from the finished ends of the flat sheets.)
Or almost any fabric remnants.  Stay away from Walmart’s $1.00 cloth as it usually is wimpy and falls apart quickly.  For a rectangular rug, use regular single crochet back and forth.  However, if you want a “ridged” rug, which is thicker and especially good for bathrooms, instead of the regular sc, work the hook into the “BACK LOOP ONLY”  
  For random colors, you can sew the strips together and roll into a ball, like a ball of yarn. Otherwise join the colors as you wish….one row of each color is an attractive effect.

  For oval rugs, use the following directions which don’t require counting.  I find that I frequently “lose” count.

For an oval rug approximately 36 inches x 28” start with chaining approx. 18, then sc in each st, then another row, then begin “going” round by 3 sc in each “corner” beginning your oval.  Increase each corner by 2 stitches every round for a few rows, then skip every other row.  As you get some “width” you can begin adding a stitch on the short ends in the middle, still every other row.  Keep flattening rug as you crochet, adding enough stitches to keep it flat.  Rugs may be blocked and shaped when wet.  They may be machine washed in a “hand wash” cycle.  Block and air dry.  Do not put in dryer.
An average rug takes about 3-5 lbs. of fabric, which is approximately 3 or 4 twin sheets,  depending on the weight of the fabric. A king size sheet is double the fabric of a twin.  Be creative with your color schemes.  Match the scheme to your shower curtain.  If you can’t find the color you need, chances are, I have it.  Give me a call.  I will sell by the pound or by the sheet, or already cut fabric strips.

If you want to do an appliqué, use fleece and stitch it by hand to the rug.  Get patterns off the internet.  

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