Thursday, February 5, 2009

Moose with Tree

This one is not for sale, but you can order one like it, only much better. That one was my first attempt. The appliqués are done in fleece and hand sewn on. This is definitely an ART quilt for hanging or putting on the hearth. One similar in size ( 38” x 25”) would be available for $125 with both appliqués. Customized color scheme add $10.  

Southwest Pattern Ridged

This style is especially good for bathrooms, because it is thicker and feels plusher on the bare feet because of the alternate ridged stitching. The rug shown is for display only, not for sale. But you can order your own in the color scheme you want.  Price for rug as shown: 36" x 24"= $52. Custom colors add $10. 

Moose Pattern Rug

This one will never be duplicated. The impressionistic moose pattern is woven into the rug. I originally made it to match a Moose shower curtain, but that curtain is long gone. I wouldn’t mind keeping it. It is definitely an “ART” Rug. Done in blues, brown, tan and greens. Rectangle, sized 26” x 40”. Price: $125.

Southwest Pattern

Rectangle Rug, 60” x 18”. Beautiful colors and pattern, Teal, Navy, Rust, Orange, Gold, Cream, Aqua, Tan. This one is not for sale. A similar one, custom made would be $75.

Random Mesa

Totally Random Oval Rug, 34” x 47”. This one is done in wider strips resulting in a much “heavier” and substantial rug. Hand washable only.
Colors: Hunter green, sage, chocolate, beige, gray, burgundy, navy, light blue. This one is not for sale. Custom order your own $75.

Sage Mesa

Layered Random Oval Rug. Shown 28” x 40”. Sage, cream, beige, blue, chocolate, burgundy and others.  This one is not available, but can custom order one similar.
Price: $62.

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