Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Charcoal Mesa

Irregular Oval with rock colored ridged center, layers of sage, sand, gray, edged in charcoal. 42" x 23". SOLD

Southwest Sage Ridge

Oval with the center done in cushy ridges of rock colors, then layered in sage greens and red rock colors, edged in chocolately brown.  41" x 22". Irregular, bargain priced, originally  $46, now only $38.

Rock Ridges

This particular one is not for sale.  A "cushy" ridged rug to stand on in slippered feet for kitchen work.  The color scheme is Rock colors of golds, tans, browns, charcoal, greys, creams.  This one is 45" x 31" rectangular shape.  You can order one like this for $65. Or choose your size and have one custom made larger or smaller.  Customized color scheme add $10.  Allow 4 weeks for creation.

Maroon Rim

Layered Oval in Greens, Blues, Golds, Tans, Mauves, edged in Maroon.  45" x 25".  "Second" priced for irregular shape, only $40. SOLD.

Green Random Rim

Random Oval in multicolors, edged in forest green. 41" x 30".  $45.  SOLD.