Friday, March 24, 2017

Random Leopard

Nearly every color is represented in this 47" x 23" oval rug.  Would go in any color scheme.  Regular price=$60, reduced to $48.

Random Mesa

19" x 41", done in greens, cream, brown, gold, rust, blue, gray.  Regular price=$43, reduced to $38, irregular.

Chocolate Rim

Chocolate Rim--36" x 22", blend of mesa colors, gold, vermilion, cream, sandstone.  Regular price=$44, specially priced at $39.

Twilight Ridge

Twilight Ridge--24" x 34", cushy, beautiful blend of desert twilight colors.  It's "ridged" for extra thickness and edged in the same colors.  Regular price=$48, specially priced at $40.

Red Rock Mesa

Red Rock Mesa- Earth colors surrounding a center piece of "red rock" color.  41" x 22".  Regular price=$50.  Reduced to $40, irregular.

Blue Mesa

Blue, green, tan color scheme.  41" x 25".  Regular price=$56.  Reduced to $48, irregular edge.